Analysis and Design of Steel Structures

  • Preparation of anchorage plans
  • Design and constructions of steel structures
  • Detailed preparation of manufacturing documents for steel structures, pipe rack, platforms and supporting structures
  • Static and dynamic analysis of steel structures

We provide technical documentation from basic, detail design, workshop, assembly and as-built for steel structures in new facilities as reconstruction and retrofit. Also, we provide the static and dynamic calculation including optimization.

  • Primary steel structures and platforms
  • Service and access platforms
  • Primary and secondary staircases
  • Pipe rack and cable bridges
  • steel catwalk
  • industrial halls 
  • structures for sheating
  • crane ways and lifting devices
  • supporting structures
  • air ducts, flue gas ducts
  • anchoring and connections
  • Piping supports
  • storage tanks and silos
  • steel chimneys
  • transportation and lifting devices

We provide following documentation:

  • feasibility studies
  • as-built documentation
  • foundation and anchoring drawings
  • primary and secondary steel structures design
  • workshop drawings, parts lists and material specification
  • welding diagrams
  • assembly documentation
  • technical reports
  • output data for NC machines

We also provide:

  • Authorization of documentation - CKAIT, SKSI and other EU countries
  • Visual diagnostics of structures and devices (residual lifetime, recommended solution for reconstruction, reinforcement, …)
  • Technical support and assistance during manufacturing, assembly and operation

We use TEKLA sw for preparation of smart 3D model which can be then optimized in SCIA ENGINEER or R-STAB sw (static calculation). By transferring the model to relevant formats, it can be further used as a reference model integrated to a general 3D model to indicate potential collisions or relevant revisions or modifications.

RFEM and FEMAP with NX Nastran, or ANSYS software are used for FEM calculations.

Standards and codes:

  • Eurocode 3 (from EN1993-1-1 to EN1993-1-12)
  • ANSI/AISC 360-10 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings