Design and Construction of Pressure Vessels, Silos, Air Ducts and Chimneys

  • Dimensioning and design
  • Creation of 3D models
  • Preparation of manufacturing documentation
  • Calculation of anchorage loads and stability
  • Specification and instructions for transport and manipulation

 We provide customized Documentation. Complete documentation can consist of:

  • general arrangement drawings
  • detail workshop drawings
  • inspection drawings
  • assembly and transportation drawings and drafts

Standard part of the documentation includes a parts list, MTO and specification of material.

We use Inventor software for preparation of smart 3D model which can be further used as a reference model integrated to a general model of an investment unit to indicate potential collisions or relevant revisions and modifications in different 3D software.

In cooperation with the manufacturer, we can prepare the weld specification sheet and non-destructive weld test, guidelines and instructions for operation and maintenance.

We design reactors, heat exchangers, storage tanks and single or double shell with mixing system.

The documentation is also provable for authorization by the Notified Body and is in compliance with the PED or also ASME U-Stamp.