The company FEST-Engineering Ltd. started working on a new 3D model at the beginning of 2015. Design and production documentation of steel structure and of a chimney for a Heat Recovery Steam Generator = HRSG, and static calculations of individual parts are also included. The project was ordered by our longstanding customer – SIEMENS – with the seat in Wien. The construction of the new generator will be realized in Poland, in Plock region.

The steel structure is further divided into the following sections: the main supporting steel structure of the generator, steel structures of platforms and the generator, steel structure of the main stairway tower, steel structure of escape stairway tower and secondary steel structures, such as walkways and auxiliary steel constructions for hanging or placing the technology. 

For making-of of the 3D model and further documentations we use Tekla Structures program, which besides other things also allows quick responds to changes. Part of the program are also static calculations of individual parts of the steel structures and chimney. For this we use program R-Staband R-Fem.

Materials for the project initiation (the original 3D model, where the geometry of the steel structures + shape and height of the steel chimney were designed) we have received from the SIEMENS company. All standard details used by SIEMENS on other projects are also part of the documentation. At the same time, we were proceeding from reference documentation of a similar type of HRSG generator, which has already been constructed, but given the lack of seismicity in the area of new construction, the documentation was used solely as information of possible implementation.

It is a long-term project with deadline in early 2016, when the production and realization of the construction will be started.

Published 24.06.2015