On 23.6.2014 employees of FEST Engineering participated in an excursion to Josef Underground Laboratory,  which is operated by the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague – Faculty of Civil Engineering. The laboratory is situated in the stunnig area Psí hory (dogs hill). The Underground Laboratory is used for the practical training of experimental activities of CTU. Since 2007 many interesting experiments have been conducted here and in February this year we were asked to deliver five seals for the DOPAS project.

Project DOPAS (Full Scale Demonstration of Plugs and Seals) focuses on the construction of four experimental sealing plugs. The plugs will be installed in four different countries (Czech republic, France, Finland, Sweden) with four different geological conditions. Sealing plugs will form a component part of future deep geological repositories for nuclear waste. Their primary function  is the safe separation of filled deep geological repositories chambers from unfilled spaces.Czech plug EPSP(Experimental Pressure and Sealing Plug) will be situated in the Mokrsko West area of the Josef Underground Laboratory.

Published 18.09.2014